Tips and Tricks on Baby Pics

By: Lawanda Curtiss and Francescka Castillo

We all know just how adorable your little one is.  But, sometimes it's hard to capture all of that cuteness because they are always on the move.  Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your baby still and get the perfect pictures:

  1. SNACKS, SNACKS, and yea, SNACKS!!!  You are all prepped for the photo shoot.  You've got them dressed in their best (Savvy Seeds' clothing of course), arranged the lighting, found the perfect backdrop, gathered all of their props...but you're forgetting one important thing.  SNACKS!  Once they have their favorite snacks, the only thing moving will be their mouths.  While their busy eating, you can get some great shots.

  2. SLEEP.  Would YOU want someone taking pictures of you while you're tired?  Well, neither does your baby.  Remember, a well-rested baby is a happy baby.  Don't attempt to take pictures close to nap time.  It's best to take pictures when baby first wakes up.

  3. SONGS. Nothing hypes a person up better than their favorite song.  Talk to your baby during the photoshoot and let them know what a great job they are doing.  Then, crank that Baby Shark up and get to snapping!

  4. SIGNS.  No one knows your baby better than you.  I remember trying to take pictures of my diva for and audition once and she wouldn't even smile.  That was so unlike her!  I knew something was off.  Turns out, she had a fever and was later diagnosed with the flu!  Pay attention to the signs.  Your baby might not have the flu, but if they aren't in the mood, just try again another day.  You don't want to overwork your little superstar.

Follow these tips to get some great pics.  When you're done, send them to us.  We would love to see them!

Stay Savvy!

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