Tips and Tricks on Diaper Changing

By: Lawanda Curtiss and Francescka Castillo

When you know what you're doing, diaper changing should be a breeze.  However, if your little one is full of energy and constantly on the move (like most little ones), this simple task can become a challenge.  Here are some tips and tricks to successfully change a busy baby's diaper.

  1. When in doubt, HEAR IT OUT.  Or blast it out, or play it out, or act it out...Babies love sounds and music.  Sing to them or play their favorite song.  Music can have a calming effect on babies and it also helps with brain development.  Other sounds can calm them as well.  One mom said she gets so desperate that she squawks and makes gorilla noises.  No judgement here.  A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.  Get that diaper changed by any means necessary!

  2. DISTRACT THEM.  Ever notice that your baby spends more time playing with random objects than they do with their toys??? Well, this is the perfect time to grab one of those random objects and use them as a distraction.  The objects can be anything nearby such as your phone, diaper cream, the wipe container, or a diaper itself.  Your baby will be so fascinated by this shiny new (totally random) object, that they will stop the wiggles and focus on that!

  3. PHONE A FRIEND.  Not literally.  But yeah, if there's a second pair of hands around, bring them in.  You know what they say, two hands are better than one.  I mean, four hands are better than two.  I know what I mean!  Call in another parent, a sibling, grandparent, cousin, neighbor (as long as they're not creepy) or whoever (trustworthy) is nearby to help.  Having another set of hands in the process can definitely help get that busy baby's diaper changed.

4. This is a bonus one.  TOP SECRET.  Are you ready for this?????







POTTY TRAIN!!!!  If that baby is moving and grooving and talking and walking, they might be ready to start potty training.  Once they're potty trained, you can disregard tips 1-3, pop on a pull up, and keep it moving!

Good luck with those diapers!

Stay Savvy!

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  • This is an awesome blog. Thank you for sharing some great tips. I think I learned a few new things after reading this!! It’s just great 😊


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